All Purpose Chairs


All purpose chair


With the changing times, the very purpose of the salons has also changed. These day´s salons are not just sticking to the age old tradition for beautification but they also provide other services. These services include tattoo parlor and spa. With so many other services rolled into one, there is an increase in need of multipurpose or rather all purpose chairs. Keeping that in mind, we at Union Salon Furnishing cater to this increase in need of multipurpose chairs.


Since utility is the main objective for this chair, these chairs have been designed in that way. They are used as recliners for shampooing, as barber chairs and as tattoo chair. With the decrease in space for parlors in general, these chairs have to be multipurpose. They also have to go with the decor. They have been designed for the purpose of styling, massage and even make up. These chairs have been built keeping the versatility of their use in mind. These chairs need to have lower backs for the stylist to style the client and also have comfortable footrest and padded arm rest. Another important feature for these multi-purpose chairs is the height adjustment mechanism. These chairs have been designed keeping the different kinds of clients in mind. These chairs not only reduce the cost of investment but also reduce the space utilized, making them most economical investment.


Once you have the design, keeping all these different uses, in mind you can find the best deals in all purpose styling chair in Canada.


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