Styling Chairs

Union Salon furnishing a one-stop solution for all your salon furniture and salon equipment's. We offer wide range of styling chairs at competitive prices throughout Canada. Our styling chairs are designed for comfort and performance. Lots of our designs in styling chairs are available in different color to match your salon's color scheme.


At Union Salon Furnishing, we understand the importance of quality. Over the years we have expanded ourselves into becoming one stop shop for all your salon and spa furnishings and accessories, right from providing you with styling chair to massage tables to spa equipments.


For any salon there are a variety of chairs available depending upon the client requirement. Broadly there are three kinds of salon chairs available. They are a barber chair, a styling chair and the all purpose chair. Over time the salons have become specialized because of which even the furnishing has also become specialized including the styling chairs as well. At Union Salon Furnishing, we have the best variety of styling chairs in Toronto.


The most commonly asked question is that, why styling chair any different than any other chair? The simple reason being that everyday chair doesn´t have the features to provide you with the kind of experience that a styling chair can provide. Every salon has different clientele. Depending on the client´s requirements even the styling chairs are also customized. These chairs are also made according to the decor of the salon. A good styling chair needs to have a lower back which allows the stylist to style the client without any problem. It needs to have padded arm rest and comfortable foot rest. Since the client spend a lot of time in the salon it´s important for the chairs to be comfortable. After knowing the best features for the styling chairs in your salon, you can get amazing deals in styling chairs in Toronto.


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