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Some of us treat our bodies as canvases and the most common way to do that is by getting tattoos, though getting them is not as easy as it sounds. The entire process of tattooing involves a lot of hard work and not just on the end of the artist but also for the customers as well. Precisely for that reason, it´s important to have all the equipments at your disposal so as not to make the whole process cumbersome. In spite of being very talented, every tattoo artists need some tools. One of the most basic ones after tattooing machine is the tattoo bed. Tattoo bed is the place where the client sits and gets inked. Therefore it´s important for the tattoo beds to be comfortable as possible.


At Union Salon Furnishing, we are known for providing you with the high end quality tattoo Chair Bed in Toronto. We are known for our quality spa and salon furniture and other accessories throughout Canada. A tattoo bed is not just a simple bed, it has a lot of adjustable features that can be made according to the needs of the client or to the convenience of the tattoo artist. Some of the basic features for tattoo bed are removable face pillow with a hole. Fully adjustable back and leg rest is a must as the entire process of tattooing takes a lot of time and ´ important for the client to be relaxed. Removable armrest in a tattoo bed gives the artist better accessibility for work. Baskets are a necessity in a tattoo bed to keep the tools handy.


Some of the best and affordable tattoo beds in Toronto are available at Union Salon Furnishing.


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