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A face attracts most attention so it´s important to keep it presentable at the very least. Not much can be done about our physical features as they can´t be changed. But one thing that is within our control is our eyebrows. Eyebrows can either make or break your face. They can completely transform how your look, depending on how they are shaped. There are many methods of shaping your eyebrows, the most painless and convenient method is threading.


Threading is a hair removal procedure, where a polyester thread is doubled, twisted and rolled over the areas of the unwanted hair and plucked. It´s the most painless method of getting rid of your hair if used a proper technique. Unlike tweezing which concentrated on one hair at a time, threading removes short lines and makes it a less time consuming process. Threading is better than waxing as it gives you more control and hurts less. Threading gives a more precise and defined shape to eyebrows and in removes unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip and forehead.


The most important equipment for threading apart from the thread is the threading chair. It is the work station in any parlor. It´s important to choose a threading chair that would not only suit your needs but also go with the decor of the salon. A threading chair needs to have a reclining back with removable headrest to give access to the client, it should also have comfortable armrest and footrest. Even though the client may not spend a lot of time there but the comfort should always be the top priority.


At Union Salon Furnishing, after understanding your salon needs, we provide you the best deals in these chairs suiting not only the decor but your pockets as well.


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