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Pedicure Spa Chair: Shiatsu massage system - rolling, tapping, kneading, multifunction Power seat - recline, forward, backward with remote control Premium Ultra Leatherrett Armrest - pull up for easy access on both sides Wooden manicure tray Remoter control handle with 9640; without handle 9620 Free matching technician stool The Shell base is chemical resistance Pull out spray to easily clean the tub Adjustable footrest (black) Color therapy mood lights Magnet jet, pipeless, sanitize Single faucet for hot/cold water 1 Year Warranty Parts only from Manufacturer Optional Features: Discharge pump - required if you are not draining water directly into an adjacent floor drain. +$300 Plastic Liner - Liner that is disposable after each customer use inside the tub. $200 for 100 liners. Pedicure Chair Specifications: Dimensions - 54"L x 30"W x 58"H or 64"L x 44'W x 96"H per palette with 2 spas each Chair width is 32 inches with the trays positioned down; the chair width is 46 inches with the trays positioned up.


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Spa is a non medical procedure to healthy your body. Everyone loves getting pampered and what better way than to treat yourself to a spa. Spa treatment is no more a luxury it has become a necessity of life. When starting with the spa business, it´s important to keep certain things in mind. The most important being what are the kinds of treatments that you are offering. These spa treatments also need to be dependent on the space available in your salon. Another important thing before you can set off to buy these equipments is to think about the budget. It´s important o check out offline and online prices as well as the price of used spa equipments in Toronto. But that doesn´t mean that you choose the equipments just based on the price. Most of the conventional spa equipments are big, however with changing technology we can also find smaller equipments that do the same work. While purchasing these equipments you need to keep certain things in mind. They are whether the equipment looks aesthetically appealing or not, the comfort of the client, easy to use and clean or not. Since spa treatment is a client servicing business everything has to be looked from the customer´s point of view. The foremost thing to remember in spa salons is that the customers want to be pampered and everything in the salon needs to cater to that. With the spa salons growing rapidly there´s a need for a wholesale salon equipment store who can deliver quality products. Keeping in mind the different kinds of spa treatment available there are different kinds of equipments for each of them. At Union Salon Furnishing, we provide you with the best spa equipments in Toronto. We are known for our timely delivery of products.



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